After Cubase 10 pro update-cannot open program at all!!!!!

I bought and upgraded from Cubase 9.5 to 10 on a newly built PC. Every since the upgrade Cubase 10 or any other previous version will not launch. Splash screen loads and most of the program starts to load then comes to the installer for my UR824 extension starts with a few quick progress bars and then----it freezes and stays that way. My system is crippled as far as Cubase is concerned. I have to task manager (end process) to exit program. I’m not and expert but have unplugged USB cables and exited programs to try to fix this issue. Nothing works. Cubase 9.5 ran beautifully before install of 10. Can you help?

Hi and welcome,

Please install the lates UR824 update (driver and Tools). Make sure you install it as administrator. Then restart your computer and start Cubase again. It might take some time to get over this UR Extension, but hopefully, it should go thru.

Did not work…Have not used Cubase since December.

Not sure what versions of Cubase are being used here but, have you installed the latest eLicenser software, set it to "Run as Administrator " and run the maintenance routine.

Your licence should show in eLicenser. If it doesn’t, maybe you have a malfunctioning USB dongle. Or maybe the USB port is not working. Or maybe try a different USB 2 port (not USB 3) for the dongle. Just guessing about the dongle as, like I mentioned, we don’t know which version of CB you have.

Regards. :sunglasses: