after Cubase 8.0.5 update: Position bar disappears

Hello again,

i overlooked the guidelines for posting issues, so here they are again, separated, you can delete my previous post, please (collected bugs).

Can’t hardly describe steps for reproduction, since this happens just after some time away from the PC:

  • i’ve opened and worked in a complex project with video, audio, midi, vsti tracks
  • some of the plugins are bridged with jbridge (32->64)
  • left it open for about some hours

Returning to the project, the position bar is gone (see pic below). The transport functions work, the project plays. Just the bar is gone. This happens also when the PC was not in sleep mode.


Cubase 8.0.5 64 bit
Win 7 64 bit

too many to list, some using jbridge v1.6b3

Intel core i7 4790K
Asus Z97

does anyone have the same problem ? If not, could someone from Steinberg please give me some ideas how/why this is happening on my system ? I’ts still the same. Summarizing i’d say that the upgrade from Cubase 7.5 to to 8 was paying 100 bucks for having more trouble than before…i wish there was an option to get my money back for now and to have trial periods for upgrades :imp:

same issue with v8.10…this is very annoying. I’ll have to go back to v7.5, can i get my money back for updates ? :angry:

Mine has started doing the same, the thing doesn’t move, it just displays where ever you click it to be on the timeline, everything playing but the bar only shows in one play… i.e where you first play it from…

version 8.0.10 this time on mac yosemite