after current update Cubase.exe is still resident in memory

Pretty much sums it up.

I close Cubase, check Process Explorer, Cubase is still “running”.

Not a hugh deal, but thought I’d chime in with that.

If you do a search, this has been a problem for quite sometime.

It seems Cubase does not know how to ‘release’ certain plugins/drivers and therefore sits there in the background not knowing what to do with itself!..wish they would do something about it. Surely it can be coded to force itself to fully exit if it encounters a stubborn vst or driver…

Think its related to this discussion although that is about long closing times

i am glad to read this. yes, not really glad. i noticed this behavior only 2 months or so, on windows 7 pro, i got got a crash report everytime cubase closed. i thought it was related to win 7, win 7 was messed, but worked perfectly strangely. my own doing by the way. i noticed that silent crashes where already reported to the log, so it was a problem that was there a longer time. and that in taskmanager i could see that cubase was resident in memory, the times i started up cubase… at that time i hadn’t crashes… i noticed, because, some other program i have to close manually…
i installed win 10 pro (clean install of course). the silent crash didn’t went away. it isn’t in memory in anymore after closing, that went away.
yesterday i noticed that in some cases, most cases, the silent crash wasn’t there anymore. so i thought it is related to so some plugins.

That is indeed a problem, you will need to find out what is causing Cubase to hang. Most likely a plug-in or a driver.
As Cubase saves preferences when closing, it is just a matter of time before your preferences are going to be corrupt.
Try with a empty project, if Cubase can successfully close down start adding plugins save and close etc. Hopefully you will be able to pinpoint what is preventing Cubase to close.
I have had the same problem that turned out to be a funky driver for a midi controller.

An example would be (in my case). I
have been using Elektron Overbridge (still in BETA) with my Elektron units and Cubase does not release when it is closed. Overbridge requires the use of an Elektron driver for each of the Elektron units.

A little strange phenomenon though. If i click on the stuck Cubase in ‘Sysinternals Process Explorer’ and go to the ‘threads’ tab then Cubase happily exits from running in the background no questions asked, no corruption…dont even have to kill it…really quite strange.

Something original poster could download and try.