After Cutting the Slashregion I can't adjust it anymore

I cut the slash region, now I want to make space to put some notes in. Saddly whne I wanna drag the red circle, it doesn’t work. Even wors it kicks me randomly somewhere in my composition. What I’m doing wrong? If I don’t cut it, it works ok.

Use SHIFT + ALT/OPT + Left Arrow to shorten the slash area by the number of beats required.
Then use ALT/OPT + Right Arrow to move the slash region to the right the number of beats required.

You can also Alt-drag the end-circle to resize a region by the rhythmic grid
(similar to how holding the Alt key shows the grid in the system track).

Adjusting slash regions with the mouse by way of the red circles is unfortunately broken at the moment and awaits attention by the team.

Sincerely, Benji

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You can change the start position or duration of slash regions by dragging the circular handles in Write mode, despite @YourMusic.Pro’s assertion to the contrary.

I just tried it again.
If the slash region ends in the middle of a system, you can move it fine.
If you cut a slash region or if it ends on the final bar line in a system, the red handles do not work, unfortunately.
Plus, while trying this, Dorico crashed, diagnostics are here:!As6Xsk81YczVsMY92WXPe5zG-_bQEA?e=m5MVJy


I reproduce the unable-to-drag condition, but no crashes here. Rather than “If you cut a slash region” it is more accurate to say “where slash regions abut”. This applies to both the end and start handles where the regions meet.

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The crash is likely unrelated. Still worth getting looked at by the pros, since Dorico is usually very stable on my end!

That’s my experience too. The end handle of the previous region and the start handle of the next region are in identical positions, and neither can be selected and/or dragged. Here’s a gif:

They work fine with the keyboard shortcuts though. That said, I use slashes all the time and while this definitely seems broken and not desirable behavior, it doesn’t really affect my workflow for a couple of reasons.

  1. I never use slash regions longer than a bar. Longer slash regions introduce a huge potential for copy and paste errors. (Repeat bars do as well, unfortunately. I wish Dorico would work like Finale does with these.) Also visually, if I have a chord for 4 measures, I use a single slash bar, then repeat bars as they are easier for the player to count, less visual clutter, and better horizontal spacing.
  2. When pasting, Dorico will fill a selected region with whatever was copied, so it’s just as easy to apply individual bars of slashes to a large region as it is a single region, or for a small or medium region just use R a few times. Gif below.

With only single slash bars, if I ever need to adjust one, it’s usually faster to just delete the offending bar, and reinput it exactly on the beats where it’s needed, no cutting required. I will occasionally use the keyboard shortcuts, but can’t remember the last time I tried to drag with the handle. Maybe I would if they worked though, LOL!

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In my case it seems broken too like makes the same experience.