After disconnecting from UR44c i cant hear sounds on from Cubase on the laptop speakers

hi. new to cubase. i had the cubase set up to the UR44c and it was previously just playing back through the speakers in the studio here when i pressed play… i never really used cubase independently before without the instruments live and all switched on…, then i moved it to another studio and connected it to my keyboard and also had 2 mic inputs for the drum session. all worked fine and playback happened there via the amp speakers at the studio,

today for the first time i just opened the laptop, its NOT connected to the UR44c and i have not set up the instruments and UR44c… they are still all sitting behind me all in travel cases… i was hoping to just listen to the tracks on the laptop in cubase then attempt to export some to the tracks into wave files, and send them to various people at the session.

I notice the session is not playing through the laptop speakers. is there a simple way to allow the laptop to be the output? or is it wiser to connect it to the UR44c and amp speaker here and do it that way?

trying to be a little lazy, but also think i may want to edit away from the amps the UR44c and studio… is that possible?

Cubase needs an ASIO driver for your Audio Interface. The UR44c works because it has an ASIO driver. You laptop’s internal Audio most likely doesn’t - but some do come that way nowadays so double check. You can use the Generic ASIO Driver that came with Cubase or the popular third party ASIO4ALL both of which can be configured to use the laptop’s Audio. Using these will increase you latency, but if you are only listening that won’t matter. Hook up the UR44c before recording (unless you’d like some latency induced slap-back echo).

thanks for the reply raino…

if i put in that driver will the cubase program simply play though the laptop speakers if the laptop is not connected to UR44c? or will i need to do additional setting changes on cubase?

actually i just restarted the program and used generic driver and now its working great through the laptop… many thanks