After downloading Cuabse11 pro Upgrade version

I use Cubase6 and I downloaded the upgrade to Cubase11 pro yesterday.

But since I’m using window7 64bit, I have to format my computer to Window10 in order to use Cubase11 pro.

Here’s one question, after I format my computer to Window10, is it okay to install the file, Cubase11 Pro upgrade version, directly? Without installing Cubase 6 before?

What I’m wondering is I bought and downloaded the Upgrade from Cubase6 to Cubase11.
Not the full payment for the whole Cubase11 Pro.
This means the file, I downloaded is not the full version of Cubase11 pro probably…?

Then do I need to install Cubase6 before I install the Cubase11 pro upgrade file?

Plus one more question, is the upgrade file from Cubase6 to cubase11 pro around 6.63GB??
Cause the Cubase10.5 was around 40GBish, while it’s around 6.63GB.
Which makes no sense to me.

Please let me know if anybody knows!
Best Regards!


Yes, you can install Cubase 11 directly. No Cubase 6 needed.

It is Cubase 11 Full Installer. You upgrade the license. The executable application is the very same as you would buy new retail license.


Download and install all files, you find in the Steinberg Download Assistant under Cubase > Cubase 11. Then you get all Cubase 11 components and content.