After DS, repeat playback ignores start-repeat

I’m working on a project with a DS al Coda that jumps back to the middle of a repeated section, and I want that section repeated as normal. I have “play repeats after DS” turned on in playback options, and it does play the repeat, but instead of just repeating back to the nearest start-repeat, it goes all the way back to the beginning. I’ve attached a shortened version of the project. Is there any way to get the repeat to play back normally after the DS?
repeat example.dorico (623.2 KB)

This is not a complete solution.

If you attach the sign to the start repeat barline at bar 5-A, then the repeat structure should work.

However, this means that you will have an extra bar. For that I have no suggestions.
It might be possible to do some clever re-writing of which bars are included in which repeats,etc., but it will require some mental gymnastics.

Here you go - this might be what you want it to sound like (in terms of repeats).

  1. Add an empty bar in the 1st. time ending
  2. Copy the contents of bar 5-A into that empty bar
  3. Make sure the sign, which is at bar 6, is attached to the first note of bar 6
  4. Delete the start repeat at bar 5-A and insert one at bar 6

In the attached file, I have not changed the bar repeat region in the bottom staff. You will need to do that yourself.

repeat example - re-written.dorico (911.1 KB)