"After export" opens a folder for every file exported

In C10.0.10 on Windows 10, if I (batch) export multiple tracks with the “After Export” action “Open containing folder” selected, then the same folder is opened as many times as there are channels selected for export.


  1. Open a project with multiple audio tracks
  2. File -> Export -> Audio Mixdown and select “Export Multiple Channels”
  3. Select some channels under “Channel Selection”
  4. Select the “After Export” action “Open containing folder”
  5. Click “Perform Audio Export”

Once processing of each channel is complete, the target folder will be opened after each channel is exported, i.e. as many Explorer windows will be opened on the same target folder as there are channels selected.


As far as I know, the “Open containing folder” action is not an official Steinberg action. This must be some custom script, isn’t it?

As far as I can see the other official actions, it makes sense to apply them to all Channels individually. Like:

  • Open in WaveLab XX
  • Upload to SoundCloud

You have to add a line into your export xml script:


I hope this helps.


This is quite possible, I may have created it a few Cubase versions ago, but never tried it with batch exports!

I made this change and yes, thank you, only one folder now opens, however it is not the target folder, but my %TEMP% folder with a single XML file “audioExportDescription.xml”. The renders are correct in the target folder though, so I guess I have another bug somewhere. This is current version of the complete script “OpenWithExplorer.aepp”:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <Description>Open containing folder</Description>

Ah, you’re right. Sorry no way to open the target folder this way. You would need to parse the audioExportDescription.xml file to get the target folder.


… but the original script (with false) does open the the correct target folder!

The only problem is that if you export multiple files it opens multiple Explorer windows. If you only export one file, it works as expected.

OK I’ve done some more experiments:

With false the $PATH variable in the XML script evaluates to the name of the rendered file, and the executable is run for each of the rendered files.

With true the executable is run one time only but the $PATH variable in the XML script evaluates to %temp%\audioExportDescription*.xml

Surely this is not by design?

It is. You need to parse audioExportDescription.xml to get the target folder.


OK, thanks for the info … presumably this is what uploadmanager.exe does?