After export sound gets myddy in iTunes but fine in VLC

Hi guys.
I’m exporting track from cubase and listening in iTunes and VLC. wav 44kHz 32bit.
In iTunes sound gets kinda muddy, sounds like high frequencies are lower (like lowPass filter applied) but in VLC everything is ok. In VLC track sounds the same as in Cubase.
Does any body have an idea?


Try exporting in 24 or 16 bit.

The first thing I would say is don’t output 32bit files for playback. 32bit is great for working natively in Cubase, but mixdown to 24 or 16 bit because very few audio devices can play 32bit files back without some sort of down conversion. This is kind of a mine field subject, but you may be experiencing a conversion issue related to iTunes. Check preferences in iTunes under playback. Note that I’m on PC here so this may be different if you are on a Mac. However, iTunes playback engine should be set to match what ever your soundcard is outputting at for best playback quality. Which in most cases is 44.1 16bit by default on most computers. Note that Itunes doesn’t support 32bit audio playback directly - meaning it is doing a down conversion to what you have your playback engine set at.