After install?

Hi all,

This has probably been asked already but after I have installed Cubase 7 can I un-install Cubase 6.5 or does it need to be there?

I got my disc yesterday and loaded it last night and, first impressions from a home musician, brilliant :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!

I just want to know if I can free up some space by getting rid of C 6.5 to loose some of the minor glitches.

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

The upcoming 7.0.1 update will I believe be a full installer, that is you can uninstall all previous applications (including any existing C7 installation) and install from scratch and all included content will be installed.

Presets may be preserved notwithstanding but to be safe, back them up. :astonished:

Thanks for the information :wink:

Jim B