After installing upgrade to H6, can i remove content from H5?

Hi folks,

Before installing H6 (i purchased an upgrade from 5 to 6), i did a manual uninstall of H5. I thought i had deleted everything.

However, in the folder: AppData/roaming/steinberg i still see a folder called “HALion 5_64” containing 27GB.

Can i safely delete this, or is it there for backwards compatibility or some-such?


This folder should only contain settings and the MediaBay database and shouldn’t be anywhere near 27GB. Can you take screenshots of what’s in this folder and any subfolders?

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 install on top of the previous versions and it’s normally not necessary to uninstall anything, but your HALion 5_64 folder is over 100 times bigger than it should be.

Thanks for the reply, i was actually making a total noob mistake (mis-reading the size of those folders)!