After migrating from Intel to M1 Ultra No Nuendo License Found

I have a new Mac Studio M1 Ultra… I used Migration assistant to move everything including Nuendi 12 from Intel Mac to the New Silicon Mac. I used download assistant to download what I assumed would be the Silicon version of Nuendi 12. I try booting up Nuendo, licenses USB attached and I get a message there is No License. HELP!


Hi BMcQ,

I don’t think migration assistant will activate a license for Nuendo, as for the majority of softwares.
That has to be done on your new Mac via Steinberg license manager. :slight_smile:

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You Nuendo 12 license needs to be activated in the new computer via activation manager.

Thanks, I go to download manager I type in my access code and I’m told it’s not valid. It may have someone thing to do with the new no-elicenser verification system which has me totally confused

Thanks for the replies. I went to my Steinberg and saw that I already had maxed my three computer limit on the Nuendo license.

I deactivated one and can now hoot up Nuendo 12. I’m still uncertain how the new log-in system works but for now, its working.

Thanks again for taking the time to send your suggestions. Take care, Bill


As you have seemingly realised by now, you never re-enter a Download Access Code for a Steinberg Licensing product. All you do is logon in Steinberg Activation Manager and activate the products you want to use on the system - assuming, of course, that all three seats for the licence are not already in use.

yes, thanks AND I also learned that there is a difference between Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C Apple power cable. My rig is back up and runnining (in Rosetta 2) Still waiting for Nugen to update there plugins to silicon.