After MXL import, staves do not line up to the left

New owner of Dorico here! :slight_smile:
As shown in the screenshot below, the staves do not meet up with the left margin. How can I fix that? The |<->| does not enable a dragging to the left/right… (which I would expect given the the up/down options do allow to move the staves up and down…)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-12 um 18.53.29

Also, what do I have to search for, if I want to know, what those green and pink and red squares with all those percentage numbers mean?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-12 um 19.03.28

Thank you!

Note Spacing handles can only be moved using keyboard shortcuts (Alt/Opt-Left/Right for very small distances, or add Cmd/Ctrl for larger distances). (See Adjusting note spacing at individual rhythmic positions)

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels handles the indents for systems with Staff Labels, but your systems appear not to have any staff labels. Is it possible that you’ve edited the instrument name manually and left a blank space in place of the instrument name? Or possibly it’s that as this is a MusicXML Import, the incoming instrument may not actually match one of Dorico’s native instrument definitions, so a custom instrument has been created behind the scenes that has something lurking in the abbreviated instrument name.

If so, a better way to get rid of the staff labels is to turn them off in Layout Options > Staff Labels. (see Hiding/Showing staff labels)

It may also be wise to reassign the music from this instrument to one of Dorico’s default instrument definitions (e.g. one of the ones you see when adding an instrument in a native Dorico project). Instructions on how to do that here: Changing instruments

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Wow! What a great answer! Thank you very, very much, @pianoleo !
Removing the label did indeed solve the problem! The exported Finale file did not have an instrument assigned.
I will now check how to reassign the music to a new instrument…

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In Setup mode, left panel (the players panel), open the player’s card with the little chevron next to the player’s name. There’s a menu now to the right of the instrument name (which is empty now, if I understand the situation, as the name seems to be some spaces). In this menu, use Change instrument. Choose the appropriate one in the instrument picker that shows up. Done.

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