After one Start of Cubase 11, eLizencer remains blocked

Hi, after starting CUbase11 and closing it again it is not possible to perform maintenance of the eLicenser - the process gives a message that says that some other program is preventing eLicenser from doing the maintenance. Only after restarting the computer (and thereby obviously terminating the unknown culprit) the License Center works again.

Does cubase 11 not close down correctly and leave something running?


On your machine maybe yes, check taskmanager for cubase entry. I had that all the time on my former win7. Not on my new installed (for a year now) win 10. Sometimes you can force quit it from taskmanager and then use elicencer app.
Most of the time it is a plugin that does not onload.

hi, thank you… no plugins used currently.
I found the following: There is a process called “Protected Object Server” (properties show that this belongs to the eLicenser somehow) that remains running. When I kill this process, things work again.