After opening saved project file again, some audio tracks don't produce any sound


i have a big issue. And unfortunately, this is not the first time. Currently i have a project file with some recorded vocal samples. Yesterday, i finished the song and everything worked fine. Today i open the project file again and now Cubase just don’t produce any audio output at the vocal tracks anymore! The tracks are not muted, there is just no amplitude on the level meter displayed, and no sound is produced at these tracks! The vocal tracks are routed through a group channel, but changing the routing to main out also does not produce any sound! All other tracks (instruments, and some other audio samples) just are playing fine. And even if i open the vocal audios in the sample editior and play them directly from them, then i can hear them, they are played. But not in the arrangement. And since, i did’t change anything after saving yesterday, it can only be a bug. And also the backuped files have the same issue! And unfortunately, as i said, i had similar problems in the past.

Can anybody give me some hint what i could check or what i could do to solve the problem?

I am using Cubase Pro 12, latest release from March 2023 and i am using Windows 11 on a Ryzen 9 7950X.

Thank you & Best Regards

Are these Audio Tracks or Sampler Tracks? Also, some screenshots might be informative. Do you have any Automation in your Project?

Hello, yes i have some automations in the project, but not on the vocal tracks or the vocal group track.
And some of these tracks are Audio Tracks and there is also one Sampler Track.
I will provide some screenshots

In the meantime, i talked to Steinberg Support and sent them the .cpr file.

Hello, i found this problem. It was indeed a weird issue with a license from Plugin Alliance VST. I now sent an email to their support since the license to get help on this.

Glad you got it sorted out.