After recording can not hear playback

Hello, I can not hear the playback after I make a simple vocal recording. I am using Cubase AI * with a Yamaha mg10xu mixer, I’ve downloaded and installed the correct Yamaha ASIO drive. I’ve searched the Steinberg data fact sheets as well as youtube, I feel like I have something muted . Ihave attached screen shots of the Audio setup, I can hear the recording and all meters are working. Even when I play it back…the main output meter is working…but no sound

This is the german forum.
If you canˋt hear the playback, then probably the routing of your mixer is wrong. From the screenshots everything looks ok. Although you unfortunately did not post the Output setup.
The last channel needs to be set to USB, and the channel should be set to „to mon“, with the monitors connected to the „Mon outs“ Jacks.
You can also connect them to main out and switch to „TO ST“ but then you might run into double monitoring and feedback loops.