After recording with quick controls, track won't exit recording mode.

Hi guys!

I’m not sure whether this is an issue or I’m doing something wrong, but…

Basically, I assigned the width parameter of the StereoEnhancer to a Quick Control, then just set it to read / write and recorded some automation.

Problem is, after stopping the track, the automation won’t exit record mode, it will stay red no matter what I do.
I can’t select any of the points with the selection tool or do any Undo / Redo either.
Even if I delete the Automation Track and add it back again manually…it will still be colored in Red.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Do I understand it right you are writing the Automation by using any HW controller, and the MIDI CC data are translated to the Quick Control by Cubase, right?

Do you also control Cubase Start/Stop from the HW?

Thanks there!

That’s right, I’m recording the automation using a MIDI controller and sending it trough Quick Controls.
Start / Stop is coming from the PC keyboard though.

Something I noticed…
While writing the automation, Cubase will start recording (making it red) when I move the slider, and it will go back to grey a few moments after I stop sending MIDI messages.
If I stop writing automation when it’s grey, it’s all good, but otherwise It will just hang in “Recording mode”.