After reinstall, lost all midi instrument data

This may be a simple fix, but I’m still trying to understand Cubase after many years. I’m running windows 7 professional 64-bit and have Cubase 6.07 installed with Halion Sonic, Sonic SE, One and a number of third party effects and synths. I had just finished a project, when it started crashing. It’s another issue altogether. To try to fix that problem, I eventually uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase and extras. Now, when I open previous projects, the midi tracks have different synth patches or none. Effects are also missing. Is there some file ( that I hopefully backed up ) that shows what these were set to? Short of that, looks like I’ll have to redo a whole bunch of projects. Not a happy camper. Just ordered Cubase 7.5 and wonder if I should just go to protools or something.

I really am beginning to hate cubase. Jeesh. Why does everything with this program have to be so stinking difficult? So no, I found vstpreset on Halion SOnic that I saved from my last project, so I should just have to open HS and load preset. Right. F no. I’ve found the preset in windows but can’t get HS to open it. Garrr so sick of this