After update from W7 to W10 some graphical details are missing

This must be more like a W10 problem, but I hope it’s OK to start to troubleshoot from here… I transferred my Cubase 9.5 AI from laptop to desktop computer. Just before that I updated my desktop computer from W7 to W10. Otherwise everything went well, but now some graphical and other details are missing from some browsers (Firefox and Chrome, MS Edge is working fine) and Cubase. It’s difficult to explain exactly what happens, but you can see it from the below images. In mixer window all curves and some “lines” are missing. In drum editor there are only the borderlines of the symbols. I would appreciate it highly if somebody could share an idea what is happening with Cubase and W10, thank you very much!



I would say this is graphics card issue. Please make sure you have the latest driver installed.

Thank you Martin, but I have the latest graphics card driver installed.

Martin, my bad, you were right! In the end it was a graphic card driver issue. It was solved by uninstalling previous installation and making a new installation. Something went apparently wrong with my first installation… Thanks for your advice!


I’m glad it works to you, now.