After Update Soundtoys Problems

Hey There,

after the actual Update 10.5.10 (2. Ferbuary 2020) my Soundtoys Plugins doesn’t work anymore. I did reinstall teh actuall versions of Soundtoys 5 but this didn’t help. The Plugin Manager shows me in Red Letters all Soundtoys Plugins with the information that is "reactivatet.

In the projects, the Spundtoay Plugins are loaded in tnhe inserts, but the Knobs are unusable. SOmetimes Cubase Crashs when i try to manupulate the knobs.

So this is a big problem for me. Many Projects has Soundtoys Plugin loaded.
Here a screenshot of my plugin manager.

I Have Windows 10, had no perfomance problems so far.

Can somebody help me here?
Bbest Regards

I had a few Soundtoys go to black list. I uninstalled it, cleaned my registry and did a reinstall

I had similar problems with my Soundtoys Echoboy plugin. I have contacted Soundtoys about the problem and they said they would contact Cubase for a test version so they can fix it. In the meantime, I manually activated Echoboy from the blacklist and it worked. Perhaps you can try this option.

Hey there,

than you for answering
but in my Blacklist, the soundtoys plugins are not listed. They are only listed in the VST Effects Tab and there in red letters like in the screenshot above. So i didn’t uninstall it. How can i uninstall the Soundtoys Plugins other than deleting the dlls?

Control Panel/Programs and Features they should be listed in there then uninstall…