After update to 2.8.1 plug ins will not load

I just installed the latest Cubasis update. After doing that the app will not load projects without it complaining of missing audio unit plug ins. And, I can’t even tell what cubasis thinks is missing. All my plug ins load fine alone. In Cubasis they are just generically saying audio unit so give me no pointers on what it thinks is missing/wrong. Is there any way to tell which plug in Cubasis isn’t loading?
Still on iOS 12.1.1

Hi confusa,

Normally there should be no problems to load Audio Unit instruments after updating Cubasis.

These are the steps to find out, which Audio Unit instruments fail to load:
Please select the tracks which are assigned to Audio Units, and tap their app icons to open the corresponding instrument rack.
When there are problems to load or find Audio Unit plug-ins, the instrument rack remains empty in that case.

Please keep me updated, which plug-ins fail to load.


Perhaps I didn’t explain that well, these are AU effects on tracks. Likely clearer in this photo.

Hi confusa,

Please let us know if the problem is related to all Audio Unit plug-ins in all projects.
Normally, “Audio Unit” becomes displayed when a 3rd party app is not installed, or has been renamed by the app vendor.

Look forward to your feedback.


It is only one song that has this problem actually. And I can load any other AU plug in fine. Perhaps one was renamed though I can’t tell. Is there any way to tell what Cubasis thinks was there?

Hi confusa,

Thank you for the update!

So we’re talking one project and one Audio Unit plug-in that doesn’t load, correct?
Unfortunately we’re unable to tell, which of the apps used has been renamed.

Could the MIDI track name or the name of the MIDI events of that track be helpful, in identifying the missing app?


Yep, so I guess the moral here is to ensure you name everything descriptively or take screenshots of state before an upgrade. Though I imagine the settings you had tweaked would be lost regardless as even if you could reload the plug in under its new name it would essentially load it’s default configuration.
Appreciate the guidance.