after update Windows 10 to 1803 Cubase hangs at startup

Yesterday I installed the update to Windows 10 1803 after reading the comment of Steinberg it won’t affect Cubase. Today I started Cubase and at startup after a few moments I get this dialogue box of a Windows installer saying: preparing to install. This happens at the moment it says: VST audio system.
Then the startup hangs forever. I see no activity in the taskmanager and Cubase just hangs. HELP!
I already reinstalled Cubase completely but still this dialogue box keeps coming up. I also started Cubase with administrator rights.
I already disabled the VST plugins but this does not help.
Trying to start with Alt, shift and control pressed down does not give an option to start in safe mode (has this been disabled)
I disabled all other audio outputs in my system and only the UR12 is the standard output.

Any suggestions ?

Solved!! I reinstalled the USB driver and now Cubase starts up normally! Hope this helps other who might experience the same problem

Thanks. Please see for further discussion.