After Update...

I’m use windows 10pro/64bit its auto update, after this my PC restart when I open my C9 then I receive 2 separate messages, I took screen shots and have put them both on the same page ……… before the windows update Cubase 9 was working perfectly! Anyway please tell me what I need to do to fix this!
please check this image below:

Try to run elicenser as administrator and run maintainance again.

Oh, major changes to OS or hardware replacements can cause the soft-elicense to deactivate?

Have you been updating your e-licenser, which you need to do to ensure smooth running?

Jim B

This exact thing happened to me last week after a W10/64 update (a big update - it took a while and resulted in the blue “Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while” startup screen). Yes, just run the maintenance application again, but launch it by itself instead of letting Cubase launch it automatically (which will result in that very error message). You’ll be good to go.