After updating eLicenser software nomore sees USB dongle !

Hi all,

A strange thing happens here.

I’m stuck to the 6.3.1 version of the eLicencer USB driver. Each time I try to update to a newer version (now 6.5.x) the eLicenser control center just doesn’t see the dongle anymore (USB-eLicenser nomore appears in the control center’s left column) and I get an error message telling me a dongle is missing !

I’ve tried to reinstall the driver several times with no success while following this :

I have a dual boot PC (Windows7 32bits + Windows7 64bits). I mainly use Cubase 6.5 on the 64-bit OS but sometimes I got some work to do on the 32-bit OS.

Now, the strange thing is that occurs only on the 64-bit OS. Updating works properly on the 32-bit OS.

My system : Asus P5K Premium Mother board - CPU Intel Q6600 @ 2.4GHz - 4GB Ram DDR2 - RME Babyface AD/DA converter - Cubase 6.5.4

Thanks for helping me.


Have you maybe got it plugged into a USB3 port?

There are no USB3 ports on my PC (it was build in early 2008). Furthermore everything works flawlessly with eLCC 6.3.1. I just can’t update to a newer version on the 64-bit Win7. I can do it without trouble on the 32-bit Win7, which is on the same physical disk as the 64-bit os. Then I guess it’s not related (at least directly) to the hardware.

Actually I have had this problem for about 1 year but it has not been really important to me until now. But as I’d like to upgrade to C7 I’m getting a bit worried…


hi i have the similar problem; posted here: