after updating QL Spaces to AAX, Cubase crashes

I just recently updated Quantum Leap Spaces reverb plugin to AAX for use in PT11. I have an orchestral project in Cubase 7.5 that I’d like to export the midi from so I can finish it in PT. Problem is when I now open the project with Spaces already instantiated, Cubase crashes. I can open other projects where it’s not already loaded, and the plugin loads fine. But projects that have Spaces on it already won’t open. I’ve tried opening the projects in 6.5, 7, and 7.5. Anybody got an idea as to what could be causing this? Thanks.

Update: I just moved the QL Spaces VST file from my VST folder to the desktop, and now the project is opening again. Still wondering what would cause this behavior.

sounds like the updated installer for the aax version also updated the vst version, and quite simply it has some incompatibility with cubase… i would say the problem IS the spaces vst and it’s 100% up to east west to fix it