After updating to 12.0.10 some functions on Midi Remote no longer function

So I’ve got a fairly basic mapping for my Arturia Keylab 61mk2. I have a user bank slider set up to control my Control Room level. It now no longer works no matter what. I’ve remapped it many times and I’ve even readded the row of faders in the editor. The quick control knobs I’ve assigned work as does certian other mappings. It seems the mappings in relations to the control room have been disabled. If anyone else has an issue with this please let me know! HELP!

where did you get 12.0.20 ?


I am having the same issue. In 12.0.0, I had my controller fader mapped to control room level; and with the 12.0.10 update; this no longer works. It shows that it is mapped but it doesn’t affect anything anymore.

i was able fix control room level by hovering over the control room level button in cubase. it give you an option to assign that to a midi remote function. This does not work for click level.

Yes, this seems to be a common problem. It has already been reported:
Control Room do not receive messages