After updating to Cubase 13 no HSSE in Dorico anymore

Hello everyone,

Since I installed Cubase 13 (and thus Halion Sonic Selection) yesterday, some instruments are suddenly not loaded automatically in Dorico for new projects. This concerns e.g. saxophones, electric bass and piano. When I open an old project, all the sounds are there. If I then reload the playback template, the sounds disappear in the Halion Player. Here are two screenshots:
After opening the project:

After reloading the playback template (HSSE+HSO or HSSE+HSO+GASE):

I haven’t done the update on my second computer yet; everything is running as it should. The Download Assistant also showed me 3 updates that could be related to this:

HALion Sonic SE Common Presets Content
HALion Sonic SE Content
HALion Sonic SE Trip

I also installed these updates on my main computer yesterday. Since then, HSSE no longer appears.
The sounds are all there, but the path in the browser has changed.

Old: HALion Content → HALion Sonic SE Common Presets-> VST3 Presets → Steinberg Media Technology-> HALion Sonic SE ->Program

New: HALion Content → Sonic Selction-> VST3 Presets → Steinberg Media Technology-> HALion Sonic-> Program

Any idea how to get Dorico to find the sounds there?


Yes, unfortunately the HALion Sonic Selection sounds, which is the new name for the HALion Sonic SE factory content, have had some changes that mean Dorico can’t load many of the patches. My apologies that we were not quite ready with a solution for this problem – it’s been on my list of things to take care of but it’s fallen through the cracks. Please bear with me, and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you.

To fix this problem, please download the appropriate zip file for your platform from the link below. (740.2 KB) (451.7 KB)

Unzip the downloaded archive and run the contained installer, which will install the necessary updated data files to restore Dorico’s ability to load these patches.


YES! It works great. Thank you so much. That’s why I love Dorico!

Great! Thanks, I had the exact same problem!

Worked for me

Thanks, this is partial fix for me, because Choral templates don’t load sounds - only piano.