After upgrade I have only 32 ports / rest unmapped


I upgraded my Cubase from version 5 to 7 Artist. I just finished composing a new track with older version and tried to load it again with 7.03 version, but my project opens only 32 ports. Intruments from ports 33 to 47 are totally missing / unmapped?

Please help me… Thanks.

I have a 64 bit Cubase 7 Artist, Windows 7 and Kompakt 6 audio interface (this is new also).

7 Artist is quite limited from the full version. The general full feature spec of Cubase 5 is similar to C7. Read this:

No no no… This can’t be happening!

There wasn’t any mention about this at vendor’s website or this behind product link they are using:

I’ve lost two production days already…

I’ve gotta upgrade Artist to full version then - is this possible or do I have to change physically change the whole product?

PS. Thank you for a quick response - I’ll appreciate that even I’m pissed…

Did you check the detailed product comparison chart on that exact page first?

Shall I guess…? :wink: