After upgrading from 11 prefs did not carry over

THis would be the first time for me that I have lost all my settings in Cubase(plugin lists, presets, ins and outs favourites). THis never happened before since I bought C8 en upgraded everything version since. What a BUMMER !
Due to the new license method???

No. Must be something different.

Open your former version and save a profile. Import this profile to 12.

I will try that, but this is new to me. I did about 7 or 8 major upgrades over the last years and never lost anything from the previous version. DId nothign different this time, only the new activfation. My dongle is still inuse for a couple of other Steinberg software.

Okay, Profile manager worked , not completely however. Still no Hardware FX favouriets, all lost, also the renaming of the ins and outs of my UR816C.,
Copoied a couple of XML’s over, now I am good so far.

You could also try trashing your prefs (See Here ) and then restart Cubase 12. It should copy all your CB11 settings over.