After upgrading to version 11, many problems appeared

First, during the editing process, no matter where you set it, no matter where the cursor stops. Select an audio block. The cursors will all return to the beginning of the audio block.
Second, in the mixer interface, when you set the region (left, center, and right), as long as there are too many tracks to the right, the mixer interface display will be invalid.

You have activated Video Edit Mode, probably.

Thank you, the first problem has been solved. Tell me what happened to the second one

I do not know what to look for based on your post. If possible, use the format in this post to describe: How to report a bug in Cubase

  1. Create at least 30 audio tracks in the empty project
  2. Set the track area under the mixer interface
  3. Separate the audio track from the bus. All audio tracks are on the left and the bus is on the right.
    4The mixer interface cannot complete the track page turning
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