After using Halion stand alone, Protected Object server (32 bit) is not closing

Ive been seeing this error come up recently when i try and launch CB. At first i couldn’t figure out why. A reboot of my PC fixed it each time.
I had it again today and realised that it happens after i use Halion Sonic 3 in stand alone mode.
I can reproduce this 100% each time. Only way i can see to clear this is to reboot my Windows 10 PC.
This is of course neither convenient or practical

Does anyone have a work around for this?

I just tried to reproduce this but it’s working fine here. Have you updated HS3, Cubase and the eLCC to the latest versions? You’ll need to tell us what versions you’re using, including OS version as well.

Yes, everything is the current version as of a couple of days ago when Halion got updated. . Windows 10, updated to whatever the current version is.

Ok so here’s what’s happening.
Halion runs the Protected Object server (32) service, which is the licence control. When i close Halion the service is not shutting down, so its locked my ID to this instance.
I tried to reinstall the eLicencer software and it complained that a program was using it so its locked. There were no programs using it. I ended this service and everything went back to normal. The eLicencer software then installed (its exactly the same version as i already had, as i used the same .exe).
I tried Cubase and that worked. I tried Halion and that worked, and then i was back to the original error when i tried to open CB again. This time i ended the service in task manager and CB would re open.
At least i have a workaround now.

So the issue is the service is not closing when its not needed and locking me out of CB. It closes fine after using CB.

I will update the thread title. .

Still can’t reproduce here. For reference, below are my current versions:
HALion Sonic 3.4.20
HALion Sonic standalone 2.7.20
Cubase Pro 11.0.10
eLicenser Control Center
Windows 10 x64 20H2 19042.804

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Yep, exact same versions I’m on.
If I have task manager open I can see the service start with CB, and then go after I close CB.
Same with Halion, only the service doesn’t close and has to be manually ended.
It’s not a big deal now that I’ve found a way to not have to close everything down and reboot, but it’s obviously not working as it should.
Maybe I’ll re install Halion, as I’d say that was the cause. It can’t be AV or firewall.

I might try running Halion as Admin first. That’s the only difference between that and CB.

Ok. I tried running as Admin and it works fine. I can see the process stops a few seconds after i close Halion.
Interestingly i took it out of admin and tried it and it was still working correctly. Then used CB, and tried Halion again and i was back to square one.
Keeping Halion in Admin mode seems to be the fix for now.

Weird. Just a thought, if you’ve recently updated Windows (“feature” update), then you need to run eLCC once in admin mode. I’m sure you’ve already done this, IIRC nothing works unless you do.

BTW, I run all my applications as a “limited user” (not admin), and everything works fine.