After Windows System re-build


After re-building my Windows 7 system and re-installing Cubase (and everything else) I click in the help menu to open the manual, and I get a message that no manual is found.

I am able to download it, so it is no big issue…just would be more convenient if it were in the right place so the link could find it. Any ideas on how to get it back to where Cubase 7 can find it?

By the way, I am a fully-paid, licensed user…since 1992. No hacks…



programs > Steinberg > Cubase 7 > documentation .

are you sure its not because you have a corrupt version of acrobat reader ?

I can open other things…I will look when I am home and try again. Thanks.

Because of the system rebuild, I didn’t have a pdf viewer on the computer. Once the pdf viewer was in place, everything opened up just fine.

Thanks for the clue…


your welcome :wink: