Aftertouch Cubase 12 help for KeyLab Essential owners

I own KeyLab Essantial 88 that has not aftertouch. What could be the Cubase 12 stock plugin help/routing to eventually achieve the possibility of tweaking aftertouch when using e.g. faders in the midi controller. Zebra 2 or Hive 2 have many presets that somehow use this controller, it would be nice to take adventage of those.

I think aftertouch is generally applied not from a slider but pressing Doen on the keys harder after an initial pressing down on the note(s) from your MIDI controller.

First of all, I am speechless GregOndo replied to me. Is it really you???
On a serious note: I am more or less familiar with the concept of Aftertouch keyboards, the issue is the KeyLab Essential Line of Arturia has none, That is why I was wondering how to “route” this thing using the blessing of Cubase itself.

For anybody having the same problem, found this: go to the link, there is screenshot how to do it. WORKS under Cubase Pro 10