Aftertouch zu CC

Hi Guys

I try to transform my Aftertouch Messages (Realtime, Live from Midi-Controller) to an Controller Number. I cant figure out how to do. I tryed to use the “Transformer” in Cubase, but dosnt figure it how exactly i have to do.

Can someone help me?



Use Input Transformer:
Type is | Equal | Aftertouch

Type | Set to fixed value | Controller
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | Wanted CC Nr.

Function: Transform

Don’t forget to enable the Module 1.

Ey Martin,

your GREAT! I tried, and even i forget to turn on the Modul (one more time…)

thx a LOT!!

But when i take a look in the Midi-Monitor, i see there are only zeros. It dosnt follow the actual Aftertouch amount.
Whats wrong?


Sorry, there was one missing line in the Action Target area in my example:
Type | Set to fixed value | Controller
Value 2 | Use Value 1
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | Wanted CC Nr

See attached screenshot, please. I have chosen MIDI CC1.

Ey Martin

thats very friendly. I know, i should be able to do this by my own, but the line with the “Value 2 | Use Value 1” i didnt figure it out by my self.
i will try it out and i am shure it works now.
Its one of the most usefull Controller for me in Future.
If the Music Stores would be quite as good like your help, i would find maybe my Guitar Amp i am looking for. ioi
Your Great!!

Have a good Time