Again an Eucon Question

Hi all,

Is it possible to modify Channel EQ Q factor and Type with the Euphonix MC Control V2?

When I press “eq” I get to a page that only allows to modify frequency and gain. Am I missing something?

Thank you, Ernst

What does the “mix” and the “Group” Buttons do?


Use the shift button and tap the “FREQ” knob image on the touchscreen… the knob will then operate the “Q” function! You will also notice a yellow dot next to the knob image indicating an alternate function or parameter.

Doing the same with the “GAIN” knob image on the touchscreen will let you change the type.


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PS.: Where in the world did you find all the Options of the Artist series? :slight_smile:

All that info is in the Artist Control Users Guide ver. 3.0 from the AVID website! Just go to the AVID Artist Support download page and scroll to the bottom!

Happy Holidays! :slight_smile: