Again, Cubase crash and licences gone, reboot time!

This is really annoying.
When the flow is going on making music Cubase just hangs, i do the ctrl + alt +del , remove cubase, restart and all licences seem to be gone, again…this cubase 12 is getting on my nerves…
This didnt happen in V11 Pro.
The only solution is to reboot the PC…
Please fix this…

You can also use Task Manager to force quit the process Steinberg Licensing Engine

I will try next time, but come on! i see more people complaining about this! Is so frustration you cnt imagine…i just closed cubase…no more inspiration…its gone…:frowning:

I was saving some presets on plugins to open on another project…cubase hanged…from the dump files folder i see it happen to me 4 times last month, this month 2 already…even when dealing with small projects…this is terrible…

Who are you talking to? I am Cubase user.

To the world…

Cubase crashed, so it left the licensing engine wondering what happened, and it has no way to find out. So that’s one thing.

You are having crashes, that’s a separate technical point, so you shold check if it’s caused by some config local to your machine, or caused by Cubase.

Upload the most recent crash log if you’re interested in troubleshooting.

Thanks for your help Dr. Steve.
Im not having crashes, my cubase hangs from time to time for no particular reason.
There are other users reporting this situation in here (the forum) , facebook Cubase Pro group and to the support.
I know what is troubleshooting. I do it everyday but thanks for reminding me.
If you´re just a user why you have the moderator sign ?
Anyway thanks for your help and if by any chance you have close contact to steinberg please make sure they know about this bug and fix it.

You’re welcome. Please leave the hospital gown with the receptionist.

I mean I’m a moderator, though not an employee, with the accompanying limitations and privileges.

I’d be happy to, but have no info on the cause.

Well, you do though, since you have crash logs in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps

. . .

The most recent, the one that made come to this forum, has 0 KB. No information inside…strange. Even the dump file has crashed xD

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