Again... problem with hardware insert : with a reference track playing

HI have a VERY strange thing happening .
Lets say I use a “hardware insert” in a clip and some other plug ins.
All this working fine .
As soon as I create a reference track that I direct to another output (to be able to compare it to the unmastered material) … the main track with the hardware insert plug in (on a clip) stop playing …not with other “plugin”
that happen with playing another track as well not only reference track…
basically as soon as I have a hardware insert on one of the tracks … nothing can play “as same time”
anyone knows why ?
thanks for your help

btw working perfect in wavelab10

Random thought…

Are your hardware insert and the output of the track going to hardware using the same output channels?

Here is working as expected.
Can you send us some print screens of your audio connections and the external plugin too ?

I use a 2 WEISS AIF1. and I have a L2 Hardware. I use a simple AES IN-OUT… and yes I use the same number (AESnbr3 ) to go OUT and IN (OUTPUT-INPUT)
let me try with a different Nbr .
of course nothing else is “routed” to that hardware input output.
I think I am going to try to “redo” a new routing and see .
this is really annoying …

PS ; stupid question … but how do you add pictures to this thread ?

Copy and paste, simply.

then you will find a screen capture.
first pict : I get something at the output no problem. but the ref track is NOT aligned to the main one
second picture … If I align everything then the main file doesn’t play at all .
I included as well a part of my audio connection …
thanks a lot for the help …


Can you try replicate this problem using another program ? Reaper, or any other daw?
Here everything is ok for me. I see you using a firewire device and AES , could be some clock issues?

Hi Pedro
Thanks for reply .
I checked everything possible.And sadly didn’t find nothing
I am using this exact same setup with Protools Ultimate .
Clocking is fine .
I really don’t get it . Because working perfectly in wavelab pro 10 ….

Did you try delete WaveLab preferences files (backup them first if needed) and try again?
Even try with another audio interface, simple one, just to take the chance of being really something related to how WL looks at the digital connections.

Will try for sure
No I didn’t delete the pref …. Will do
Can access my wavelab before Saturday.
Will report . Thanks !

I finally had the time to try …
no changes at all …

once with the Weiss AIF1 and now with the lynx AES16e…
i dont understand it … and it happen ONLY with harware insert . on a clip. not on a track …
anybody would have an idea ?
i just upgraded as well to try . no changes …

Does your interface have an internal mixer that might be using a different routing.
Anyway, can you try replicate that in another DAW jsut to see if it happens? Maybe a clean Reaper install, reaper has a reainsert plugin for this purpose.

Im getting the same problem. seem to have happened out of nowhere…

HI everybody ,
do we have update on this problem ?
i even changed audio interface and still have the same problem …
any news ?


I have recently discovered this problem. Thought I was going insane at first. I managed to remedy it by hanging my routing on the reference tracks:


Hopefully this helps somebody else!

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