Again: Problem with Paste -> Expand

Sorry, but again the problem with the paste -> expand thing…

Could you have a look at this file… If I select the right hand of piano and try to expand it to Oboe 1 and 2 I get the result as seen in part 2… Only written in Oboe 1 if homophonic (seems to be right, as discussed in another topic), but after the first polyphonic part in bar 17 and 18 (here I get 2 voices) I have an totally empty staff in Oboe 2… until the next polyphonic bars.

What to do?

Thanks, Jürgen
Expand (496 KB)

The last note in Ob 2 bar 18 has the ends voice property set, change that the and bar rests appear :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It was from a xml-Finale-import… So I had no idea (as a more or less newbie…)

Just a housekeeping note: there’s no need to start a new thread on the same topic just a day after the previous one. It’s totally OK to add to the existing one.

Sorry for that…