Agents not synced

I’m learning Groove Agent 4 with tutorials and such but there’s one thing I just can’t figure out.
When I have more than one Agent active they go out of sync. It seems to be that they aren’t following the same bpm (?) One is always a few bpm’s faster and so after like 10seconds you can clearly hear how they have gone off sync.
What am I doing wrong here ?

That’s very strange. They should be automatically in sync. hmmmm.

Oh God, then I’m in Steinbergs hands. Which means I’ll get a support response in a few…months…

try clicking the midi reset button on top of GA4. The icon looks like a lightning bolt, it’s next to the ram icon.
I notice my project was at 120 but GA4 was at 128bpm. I just clicked on the midi reset and both are at 120 now.