Aggregate device Windows 8.1

Hi all,

Is this possible to create using Ci2 and Ci2+ In Cubase 7.5 using Windows 8.1

Thanks for any help.



only with asio4all i think

You might get ASIO4all to recognise both units…but to run two interfaces together to give more recording inputs you also need to sync their clocks and this isn’t possible on these devices.

yes grim you are right i forgot about that aspect. i did have a great setup once using 4 maudio cards
2x 2496 and 2x 192 cards synced via daisychained spdif. however that was only possible because the driver itself was
designed to allow that. worked great…8 audio i/o and 4 midi i/o. due to the design differences in each manufacturers
hardware i think it would be pretty difficult if not impossibe to create an aggregate asio driver that would sync all.
good point. cheers m8 :slight_smile: