Aggregate time signature, cutc|3/4 does not work

Dear all,
Bernstein Chichester Psalms in the first movement uses after measure 10 a nice measure: 7/4. Bernstein himself specifies that this is an aggregated time signature having a 4/4 followed by a 3/4. That can easily be entered using the SHIFT M popover and then using the “4/4|3/4” works fine. However, actually Bernsteins specifies that one should use a cut common time instead of the 4/4. Whenever I try to enter the CUTC sign in the popover it gets ignored and I get then only a 3/4. The question is therefore how to properly enter the CUTC symbol in the SHIFT M popoever, as reported in Time signatures popover

Bernstein wrote just 7/4. By default Dorico makes that 4+3 quarters, which is good enough for this piece, as there are very few occurrences of more than pairs of eighth notes. The note is explaining how it should be conducted, in 3 beats, 2+2+3 quarters.

When you need to show ¢+3/4, cut-C is short for 2/2, not 4/4. So put “2/2|3/4” in the popover, select the meter, and tick the “Common” box in Properties.

But that’s not what the composer wrote.


Hi Mark,
I am a conductor and therefore I fully understood that.
Thankyou for pointing my attention toward the “Properties”: i already did the 2/2 but was remaining that … by ticking the “Comune/Alla breve” then i get exactly the result i wanted.
Surely, it does not look anymore 7/4 however for the musicians is easier to understand when I will wave my baton in front of them and that is one of the reasons for creating own version of the original… to facilitate the musicians performing it.
Thanks a lot again - without your help I would have never found the way to fix that.