Ah, the good 'ol days


Looks like the thread started June 10 2001.
The good ole days for sure.

Some kool gear being mentioned tho’
and as AudioMaverick posted:

“It’s all about the… um-m-m, uh-h-h…”




(I understood you Steve…)

Great posting, thanks. Puts into perspective al the changes in music tech over the last 12 years. Scsi used to be so important; now I’ve got a box of 12 scsi cables (standard, standard to wide,etc) just going into the trash.

Craig Anderton hosted a great mastering forum at last years AES; hope he does something similar this year

Yeah - I understood him as well.The question mark was not “I dont understand you” - it was “why are you trying to to make it seem like I should not have bothered posting this.”

But FIRST, you said:

Ok, so how is a sane individual supposed to take that?

And whom would that be around here? :laughing:

Whether or not an individual is sane may have some bearing on how they take the meaning but, more important, is whether or not an individual understands words and their meanings.
Words are hard, I know… But if I understand words correctly (and I do), it means that he is not saying you SHOULD NOT have posted it, but that he doesn’t understand WHY you posted it. As he said, with the words he typed earlier (words which mean things), he was just wondering if there was a point that he was not seeing. That is how I (a sane person) take it, based solely on the meaning of the words themselves. I can not speak for those that do not understand words and their meanings.

I hope this helps. (That means that I hope that what I have written helps).


Not in the least. :confused:

That post the link goes to mentions “Cubase 5.0” but it’s really referring to Cubase VST32 5.0… I think this is the version Steve uses. I recall that release, it’s the one that first offered 32-bit float point recording and had the “TrueTape” saturation feature (which sounded really metallic to me). Then the SX series followed, which incorporated the Nuendo audio engine.

Craig Anderton is a dark horse! not to be trusted!!

A sane individual would not have posted it and certainly not have questioned why it should not have been posted IMO.

Sanity is the obsession of the insecure. We re allllllllllllll mad!!! dB levels