ahh! NO idea what I did! (Whole song suddenly higher pitched

So i was trying to import a track from one project into another, and I dont know what I did, but for some reason now the whole project sounds “chipmunky” everything is higher and sounds faster. When I went to file >import >track Archive, I selected the .XML file it was saved under, then picked “copy media to project folder”, then also clicked “perform sample rate conversion” How do I reverse it? Hopefully I didn’t completely screw up my work…thanks!

ok… sorry I panicked and posted a topic really quick, but I figured it out. I changed the sample rate to what it was originally supposed to be. I still don’t know what sample rate means… haha, but at least it sounds like it did before.

Sample rate is how many samples were recorded per second of audio, i.e. 44.1Khz is essentially 44,100 samples per second.

Mismatching sample rates results in pitch variation for obvious reasons. Cause if you think about it pitch is also based on rotation speeds, measured in Hertz.

Hey… just saw your response… sorry if you’re not still following this thread, but thank you for the explanation.

Hey mate, you are welcome. I’m a senior member, I’ve been around a little while, and will be for some time. :wink: