Ahhh... Music Font desaster

I’ve just installed the MTF Cadence Font and it looks like that. What am I doing wrong?
btw Petaluma looks just the same. Only Bravura works properly.

A. Have you restarted your computer since installing the font?
B. Are you using Engrave > Music Fonts to change the font? Going through the regular Font Styles dialog won’t do the job properly.

First try to reboot your computer, as it’s often just a font cache issue.
Edit: Leo beat me again

Thanks pianoleo. A and B both done as you said. Restarting was the first thing to do. And I used Engrave>Music Fonts to change the font. Petaluma hasn’t been working for a long time, but as I’m not using it, I didn’t bother. Any other ideas?

Let’s rule out an improperly installed font. What happens if you start a brand new project, then change the Music Font to MTF or Petaluma, then add some notes?

Started a new project -> changed font to MTF -> result above
Minim noteheads work.

Same with Petaluma.

Go to Engrave > Notehead Sets. I’m guessing you’ve (inadvertently?) done something to the default quarter/crotchet (and shorter) notehead - it’ll show a red corner. Try resetting that to factory.

Thank you!!! That did the job. I recall that I’ve tried to change the side the stem is attached to the notehead a long time ago. Maybe (or certainly) I’ve done it the wrong way. Thans again!

Whatever you’ve done will still apply in previous projects - the reset you’ve just made to factory defaults will only apply to new projects. If you want to try MTF Cadence or Petaluma in existing projects you may need to dive into Notehead Sets and perform the same reset again.

ah OK, Thank you