AI 4 CPU Spiking (Skipping)

Hey folks,

I’ve recently migrated over from Logic Ex 8 iMac to a PC and now am using Cubase AI 4. The main reason for this move is to use my UAD - 1 plugin card and compatibility with MR816 effects. My firewire as you guessed it is the MR816CSX. Recording quality seems top notch but my CPU meter is intermittently spiking (this is without the use of plugins, effects, etc.) As little as a single track will cause my CPU meter to go from a very slow 5% to 100% and it is seemily random, but consistent. The computer is relatively new HP Desktop (just over two years) originally running Vista and now I have switched over to Windows 7 but is filled to the brim with good stuff (I’m at work so I don’t have specs on hand, but it’s no slouch w/ strong processor and plenty of Ram).

I’ve made various attempts to try and fix these problems but alas have had no luck. I’ve safely ruled out the MR816 due to the fact it works fine on all other computers connected to it. So the problem must be hardware specific or strictly with Cubase AI 4 (All signs point to this). I’ve reinstalled the program, the MR816, and cleaned – up the PC (although there is nothing on there to begin with, since I reformatted when installing Windows 7) but the same symptoms occur. I’ve ensured that the right ASIO drivers are set and tried multiple buffer settings and no luck. The problem remains, whether it’s sitting idle, playing back or recording.

I’ve also tried reducing my resolution (in case perhaps my video drivers were causing an issue), uninstalling any anti-virus or shutting down things to increase PC optimization and no such luck. I cannot seem to figure out what is causing the problem.

Any ideas?

The CPU meter- is that the meter in W7 or the VST performance meter in Cubase?

From your description, it seems that there is something on your system which is randomly grabbing the system resources that Cubase needs.

Inside Cubase AI4 go to Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, and switch from the Steinberg Yamaha FW Driver to the Full Duplex Driver and click Switch and OK and see if the CPU continues to spike.

That will help us determine where the problem may be.

Hope this helps.