Ai 6 free to good home

Hi, I just purchased UR22 which came with AI6 as I have CB 7 I have no need for this.
Is it worth anything as I was considering letting it go free to a good home.
Actually have just purchased Korg Micro key 61 and am selling the brand new keyboard as I have used and registered the software already. Perhaps adding the AI 6 would make a great beginners pack.
Any offers

Should keep it, it’s a dongle-free solution for mobile recording etc… .

if your sure about this yea that would be great. AI6 is 64 bit right? I have alot of 64 bit VSTI’s but only 32 bit cubase. A new version of cubase was next on my list buy I recently got laid off so no more buying atm. Thanks for the offer :smiley:

Sorry guys I am waiting on more advice for this as another friend immediately said I should replace my version 7 on laptop so as to have it dongle free. Not sure if it would be more trouble than its worth trying to open v7 on v6 software. Will come back asap.