AI 6 - Static Noise All Of A Sudden

This one I don’t understand. I’ve been recording guitar tracks for a couple of years on Cubase AI 6 and never had any issues. I’ve always had very high quality sounding recordings. Now all of a sudden I’m getting a muffled, static noise thing happening on playback (meaning it recorded that way). It’s got that sound as if the volume was way too loud when recorded but I know that it’s not. I’ve recorded literally hundreds of tracks the past couple of years and my setup is the same. My recordings are simply not recording how they sound in my headphones while recording.

Also, I noticed that the tracks themselves look completely filled with music, meaning I’m not seeing the peaks and valley’s of the soundwave like I always have. There’s clearly an issue of the music entering Cubase too loud but it’s not. My volume levels are where I’ve always had them. Anyone have any idea? This is making me crazy.


Do you use any plug-in on the track?