AI 6 - unable to record

New to this type of software - so this will be user error.

I’ve followed the directions in the manual - my software came with a Yamaha THR10C amp - plugged in via usb to an iMac.

I’ve set the inputs and outputs as described in the manual. When I strum the guitar - I can see the levels rise in cubase. However I can’t seem to get anything to record. I’ve tried adding an audio tracks as described in the manual. Nothing. I’ve tried recording via Garageband - this works.

Any suggestions, anyone please.



wmike: Have you read this :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks for that - tried it - still nothing.



Which levels? You can see meter activity but can’t hear anything?

Any chance you could post screenshots of your VST Connections inputs/outputs and of the main project page including the inspector area of your audio track (track input/output)?

Just to rule out the obvious, do you have the monitor button enabled on your audio track?

Here you go.

Sure I’m missing something. Garageband record via the Yamaha THR10C with no problems (mind you, a very simple programme).
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wmike: So your using your imac’s built in soundcard :question:

If so have you gone to

  1. Devices
  2. Device setup
  3. click on VST audio system – bottom left
  4. top right “Asio Driver” click the down arrow
  5. see if “Built in Audio” is there
  6. click it

PS: if not – this might be an “asio for all” driver that you need — just guessing

Jack :smiley:

Have you downloaded and installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for the THR10C?

Check your Cubase Device Setup for available drivers. I’m not a Mac guy but I would think you would be wanting to use a dedicated driver rather than Built-in Audio?


Thanks for the feedback above.

Yep, I’ve downloaded and installed the correct drivers. They are enabled. The Yamaha is functioning correctly. I can record to Garageband and Audacity and playback the results through the Yamaha or the iMacs own audio. The problem here is clearly with how the Cubase is working, or not working in this case :slight_smile: .

I can clearly see the sound levels rising when recording in Cubase, but it is just not recording or playing back. Now to add insult to injury I’m getting incredible feedback when I have the monitor on. Pretty useless really.



I’ve managed to get this to work - I can record my guitar and then play back. Not sure what I changed. Recording in mono.

Now to try to work out how to record 2 tracks simultaneously - voice and guitar. A bit of a learning curve :slight_smile:.

Thanks for help guys.



I had just typed out another post and when I hit preview I saw yours :sunglasses: .

Just curious … did you get the Yamaha/Steinberg driver selected in Cubase’s Device Setup or are you still using the Built-in Audio?

No, I was using the steinberg driver from the start.

Ah, OK. I just thought your VST Connections screenshots would have shown something other than “Built-in Audio” if that was the case.

Anyway, glad you got it working!