AI 7 on two computers?

Hi There. I bought a UR22 that came with AI7. I have recently purchased another computer and would like to be able to use both (depending which one the kids steal first). Is this version a “single license” for lack of a better description… Can I run my copy of AI on both and just move my interface back and forth?

Many thanks,

Hi Joel,

although you can have multiple copies of the software installed on your computers, you do own only one product license, which is currently installed in the Soft-eLicenser of one of your two computers.

You would either have to purchase another product license that would be installed in the other computer’s Soft-eLicenser, or you could purchase a USB-eLicenser, then move your license from the one computer’s Soft-eLicenser to that USB-eLicenser.
Then you could move the USB-eLicenser containing your license between your computers the same way you’d move the interface back and forth.

The latter scheme will take up an additional USB port, though.

Thank you Dirk.
I assumed that would be the case. I think I’ll just dedicate the new computer to Cubase and keep the kids off it!

Dirk I’m being cheap. Can I just switch my current eLic to the new computer? just run one machine (the new one)? the newer computer is far superior to what I’ve been using.

You need to uninstall the version on the old computer, then install on the new computer and run the reactivation from your mySteinberg account.

Awesome. I think I had a download code with my interface. If I’m unable to find the card/code? For the actual program I mean

Hey guys…

I tried to install Cubase AI8 onto my laptop only to later find Windows 7 Starter won’t take it (something to do with theme settings - High Contrast, Basic, and so on…)

Without reading anywhere that it is only one installation per license number, thus missing that fact, I put it onto my new computer only to find I can’t use it…

I have read this post and followed the instructions, and either I am missing something or there is something missing, because I am asked to enter a new eLicense number and I have seen no way of getting one? I have an image of the message but cannot find an ‘attach’ option to attach an image - but neither could I find a ‘create post/thread’ option to begin my own thread.

But basically, I hit ‘reactivate’, see my license listed there, click it, get to the next page and am asked for a new eLicense - that is where I get stuck. I can find the eLicense under the ‘registration tab’ in the program, but that does nothing.

Please help!

Steinberg’s reply on their website is that it takes effing ages to get any reply (paraphrased).