AI 8 Upgrade "Not Vaild". *SOLVED*

I took advantage of the discounted upgrade from Cubase AI 5 to AI 8 back on December 31st last year. However, the eLCC will not accept the upgrade as valid because, for some reason, my Soft eLicenser containing the AI 5 serial has suddenly vanished. I have tried all kind of fixes to no avail.

I know the upgrade was not expensive but, on principle, if I can’t use the product, I’d at least like to be refunded. But how do I get through to Steinberg about this? I have contacted support, with all the relevant information and invoice details, 3 times since 31/12/15, but they have not replied. Is there any other avenue I can pursue, like perhaps contacting Asknet?

I was considering following the upgrade path to Artist 8.5, as well as Cubasis on iOS, but this is by far the worst customer service I’ve experienced from a dev so far. And it takes something to outdo Native Instruments or Arturia on that front…

Try this:

And/or this:

The first solution worked! Thank you :smiley:

I’m glad to help!